Lectures and courses

Teaching in our unit is focussed on fields necessary for future teachers in secondary schools. MSc students can study human biology as optional modules. For students interested in cell and developmental biology or in morphology, ecology and ethology, additional seminars, practical courses and excursions are held. Moreover, in-service training for teachers and courses for secondary schools are offered.

Lectures comprise „Human biology I and II (evolution, development, genetics, reproduction, functional anatomy and histology of the human body, frequent diseases and injuries)“ and „Teaching biology in secondary schools“.

Seminars include „Reports on topics in human biology“, „Current topics in cell and developmental biology”, „Audiovisual aids in the classroom“, „Diversity in biology teaching”, and further didactical topics.

Practical courses are held as „Block course in human biology”, „Block course in cell and developmental biology”, „Laboratory course in cell and developmental biology”, „Practical courses in biology for trainee teachers”, „Biological experiments for the classroom“ and „Classroom observations and teaching practice“.

Excursions are offered at various terrestrial and aquatic habitats, e. g. in the immediate vicinity of Aachen, to the nature reserve „Heiliges Meer” in Westphalia, and also to institutions related to human biology (clinic, museum, industry, zoo).


Excursion „Heiliges Meer"

Klein  Heiliges Meer

Klein Heiliges Meer