Susanne Schotthöfer

MSc Biology

Graduate Student

Room: 1.134
Phone: +49/241-80-23583
Fax: +49/241-80-22351
E-Mail: schotthoefer(at)


Research interests

Schotthöfer S (in prep.) Untersuchungen zur Rolle elektrochemischer Signale bei der Musterbildung im Ovar von Drosophila melanogaster.


pdf-icon_miniAxial polarity in the Drosophila mutant gurken: Altered bioelectrical polarity correlates with cytoskeletal polarity in the follicular epithelium. (Poster 2016, German Drosophila Meeting)

pdf-icon_miniBioelectrical polarity is linked to cytoskeletal polarity in ovarian follicle cells of the Drosophila mutant gurken. (Poster 2016, Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft)

pdf-icon_miniThe genetically encoded voltage sensor ArcLight is a useful tool for investigating bioelectric phenomena during Drosophila oogenesis. (Poster 2017, Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft)

pdf-icon_miniAnalyzing bioelectric phenomena during Drosophila oogenesis: Quantification of changes in membrane potential and intracellular pH by genetically encoded sensors expressed in epithelial cells. (Poster 2018, Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft)












Susanne Schotthöfer