Unit of Zoology and Human Biology

Current topics

...concerning our teaching:

Courses of studies: "BSc/MEd Biologie Lehramt",
see: Information for teacher trainees


...concerning our research:

Relating proton pumps with gap junctions... BMC Dev Biol 16:24

Bioelectric patterning during oogenesis... BMC Dev Biol 15:1

pdf-icon_miniMicrofilaments and microtubules interact according to bioelectric signals... (GDM Poster 2016)

pdf-icon_miniBioelectrical polarity is linked to cytoskeletal polarity in ... the Drosophila mutant gurken (DZG Poster 2016)




pdf-icon_miniFachübergreifend und fächerverbindend unterrichten, PdN-BioS 6/65, 2016 (contents)

pdf-icon_miniBionik, PdN-BioS 8/64, 2015 (contents)

pdf-icon_mini(Neue) Experimente für die Sek. II,
PdN-BioS 2/64, 2015 (contents)

pdf-icon_mini...Experimente aus der aktuellen Forschung im Biologieunterricht... (VBiO Poster 2015)

Unentschlossen Projects for bachelor, master and doctoral theses, see: RESEARCH Lächelnd






A main responsibility of our unit is the broad education of teacher trainees in the fields of zoology, human biology and didactics of biology.

Our research concentrates on topics relating to cell and developmental biology, didactics and human biology (in cooperation with units of the University Hospital Aachen).